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Infidels - The Album That Should Have Been

In episode 5 we looked at Bob's 1983 record 'Infidels', and it's fair to say the general consensus is that it was a good record that could have been great. As I mentioned in the episode Dylan leaves off a couple (or maybe even more) stonkers, so here I've rebuilt the album with some of those brilliant off cuts like 'Blind Willie McTell' which has the potential to be one of his best songs.

Here's the track listing for the released album:

Side one

1."Jokerman" 6:12

2."Sweetheart Like You" 4:31

3."Neighborhood Bully" 4:33

4."License to Kill" 3:31

Side two

1."Man of Peace" 6:27

2."Union Sundown" 5:21

3."I and I" 5:10

4."Don't Fall Apart on Me Tonight" 5:54

Here's my alternative version:

I've decided it's time to say goodbye to mid paced songs such as "Neighborhood Bully" and "Man Of Peace" which lack a cutting edge for me, and we also wave goodbye to "Union Sundown" which I like but gets less fun on repeated listens. Instead I sub in "Blind Willie McTell" which can only be described as majestic, another session outake called "Foot of Pride" which is delightfully venomous, and the fun "Tight Connection To My Heart" (this isn't the Infidels session version, but I prefer the Empire Burlesque version). These add a nice bit of texture to the record for me and a stone cold classic song to boot!

Yes this makes for a bit of a downbeat record, but I'd love to see this as an 80s Blood on the Tracks. Let me know your improved Infidels record tracklisting.


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